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Sensus method Process Management & Software

A 2-day incompany training to start with process management

Sensus Process Management has developed a unique structured process management approach. The method’s simplicity enables everyone within the organisation to understand and use the processes, meaning they can be used as a communication tool within an organisation.

This course will teach you the ins and outs of process-oriented thinking and working, how to take this up within your organisation and how to work with the Sensus method and Sensus software. Numerous practical examples and several cases will enable you to describe and manage processes using the Sensus method. You will also have the opportunity to discuss process management implementation within organisations with your colleagues. This is a certified training and is aimed at all new Sensus software users. We will deliver the training at your organisation.

Online training or blended?

Online training Sensus method and Sensus software

Incompany Blended training

Get accustomed with Sensus method and software, and do practical exercises, followed by an interactive day support from our BPM specialist. In other words, blended learning. Participation in this blended training, with one day incompany support, costs € 975  per person (minimum 4 participants), including access to the online training.

Blended training Sensus method and Sensus software

Online training

Our online training is made up of six modules that will teach you step-by-step how to use the Sensus method, while also offering practical exercises so you can further familiarise yourself with the Sensus software. For only €600 you will learn the basics of our method and software. This includes access to online training and online consulting.

Want to know more?

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