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Get lean processes and make sure your organisation is efficient

At many organisations, process improvement and organisational efficiency are high on the agenda. You want to offer your customers the best possible service, and to be able to do so, your organisation needs an effective set-up, a lean organisational structure. Lean manufacturing is focused on identifying waste in processes, i.e. the elements of the process that do not add value, and eliminating these from the process. The Lean approach helps you to get lean processes to make sure your organisation is efficient and your customers are satisfied.

In concrete terms, Lean is an improvement methodology that is all about improving processes by assuming a key perspective: That of the customer. Lean processes continuously ask the question whether customers will be willing to pay for a certain process step. Whenever the answer is no, the process step in question will be eliminated. Lean comes with a broad array of tools and methods aimed at making processes as efficient as possible. Lean covers seven kinds of waste: waiting (turnaround times), inventory, transportation (of the product), over-processing, over-production, defects (manufacturing faults) and motion (of people/equipment involved in the production process).

Lean and Sensus process management

Sensus process management’s process management methodology enables us to map and visualise your business processes using several process elements and icons. This will provide instant and clear insight into process waste. Process visualisation will reveal opportunities for improvement in your processes.

Sensus process management’s consultants can draw on extensive experience in improving your processes in line with the Lean principle, using lean tools and the Sensus method. No complex projects or programmes, lean is all about using common sense. Our consultants know the lean tools inside out and can help you to take up an improvement project within your organisation and implement the lean approach. This training about lean improvement will help you to make your organisation more efficient.

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