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Defining and modeling processes

We will teach you to work with the easiest method for process modeling

Do you want to be able to design processes correctly and uniformly using the Sensus method? We have developed a special one-day training course: Defining and modeling processes with the Sensus method.

The uniform comprehensive approach developed by Sensus process management to provide insight into processes essentially consists of 5 levels, 8 process elements and 8 icons. These BPM tools help you as an organisation make effective use of process management. Understanding the idea behind the method is vital to being able to use the tools well.

The ideas behind the Sensus method make it a powerful communication tool – everyone describes the processes in the same way so everyone can understand and work with them. This one-day training course will teach you more about process modeling with the Sensus method. We will learn you to define and mark out processes using the process elements and model processes with the icons. All you need to get to work quickly!

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