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Business Simulation for Lean and SixSigma®

CarWorks is a successful car manufacturing company. They deliver high quality cars to their customers, the ditributors, for years. For a long time they delivered the cars in just one color with just a little variation. The customer had the choice for a standard or sport model.

However now that car industry is highly competitive, and consumer demands are changing CarWorks must innovate their products to retain a position in the market. How can CarWorks quickly respond to these changes? Pick up the challenge with the Carworks Business Simulation!


About this simulation

The CarWorks Business Simulation is an interactive workshop in which you can experience in a practical way how you can apply Lean Six Sigma principles in a day-to-day environment. To optimize your work and improve your performance.

During the simulation you are working in the factory of CarWorks. You work in one of the following divisions: Planning, Purchasing, Finance, Sales or Production. The stock is prepared, processes are designed and you are trained to do your work. The work has started and the assembly line is rolling out the first cars. During the day the challenges are growing. The team will be faced with changing customer de-mands, the need to work together, to discuss and decide and to execute improvements to the way they work.


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