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Business Simulation Game: The Greatest Move

Experience the benefits of process management!

The Business Simulation game “The Greatest Move™” is an interactive and realistic way to experience the essentials and the benefits of Business Process Management. Participants of the simulation are confronted with situations they will recognize from their own working environment. At the same time the simulation allows participants to distance themselves from their own business environment; processes; and experience; and oversee the key aspects of BPM in action.

Experience Business Process Management

The business simulation game consists of 3 rounds. In each round typical BPM aspects are the central focus. Business Process Management encompasses a process based approach involving people, methods and technologies. Within each round you will design and improve your business processes. You will also learn how to monitor and steer these processes. The influence of behaviour, the skills and the competences of people on your process performance will be revealed. You will also learn the role that information plays in a process and how information can be captured and shared. You will experience how systems can be used to optimally support (and enable) the business processes.

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