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BPM training and consultancy


You want to focus on your core business. Process management is ours. Applying our core business to improve yours is our speciality. By coaching and training your employees, we will carve out a fundamental place in your organisation for process management.


Sensus method & Sensus software

This course will teach you the ins and outs of process-oriented thinking and working, how to take this up within your organisation and how to work with the Sensus BPM software.

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You want to offer your customers the best possible service. And to be able to do so, your organisation needs an effective set-up, a lean organisational structure. To make sure your organisation is efficient.

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Defining and modeling processes

Design processes correctly and uniformly using the Sensus method? We have developed a special one-day training to learn defining and modeling processes with the Sensus method.

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Business Simulations

The Greatest Move

The BPM Simulation workshop “The Greatest Move™” is an interactive and realistic way to experience the essentials and the benefits of Business Process Management.

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CarWorks Lean Six Sigma business simulation


The CarWorks Business Simulation is an interactive workshop in which you can experience how you can apply Lean Six Sigma principles in a day-to-day environment.

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Experience process management

Only when people become keen on process management it will bear fruit. One of our BPM consultants would be happy to give you tailored advice to get your employees and organisation keen on process management.

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Business Process Management

Our BPM consultants are specialists with the unrivalled ability to convert their expertise of various sectors and current market developments into processes that are relevant to your organisation.

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Continuous improvement

Our improvement management method makes use of practical tools and various methodologies like LEAN and Six Sigma to successfully implement improvements in your organisation.

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Sensus-methode's ICT Consultancy

Sensus software that has been installed properly and works well, will increase support for working with the software and method within your organisation. Do you have any questions? Our ICT consultant is here to help!

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