Download in depth information about Process management and discover how to put Sensus BPM Online to use in your organistion. Sensus Process Management is used by many different organisations, ranging from small care institutions to major business services providers. No matter how big or small, every organisation is faced with a changing market, is required to comply with legislation and regulations, and wants to provide their customers with the best possible services or products.

Measurable processes put Alstom Transport back on track!

Alstom Transport B.V. is a global developer and provider of systems, components and services for the rail industry. As part of their internal Back on Track programme, Alstom [...]

Curaçao-based Kooyman professionalises organisation

After describing all its processes, Curaçao-based Kooyman B.V., the Caribbean’s largest DIY retailer, took the next step to improve processes and the organisation as a whole. “Accurately described [...]

ISO9001, EN9100, VCU and VCA documented in a single process at USG Engineering

USG Engineering needed EN9100 certification for a client in the aircraft industry. If we do not have this certification, this customer cannot outsource any work to us. The [...]

Safety and customs processes in order at stevedoring firm RST

RST, Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals B.V., is Europe’s largest short sea container transshipment company. Container transshipment is a delicate process where the tiniest error can have major consequences. RST [...]

How CMIS Group is making its mortgage services Lean

Today, I am talking to the initiators of the process and improvement management system at Credit Management & Investor Solutions B.V. (CMIS Group), Peter, Maarten and Vincent. When [...]

Housing corporation Portaal: different operations, uniform work processes

As one of the Netherlands’ largest housing corporations, Portaal has 600 employees who work hard every day to meet the housing needs of over 56,000 households in towns [...]

Research report 2017 International HRM Survey

“The surveys show that the HRM policy plan will become increasingly formalised. The target objectives and results are defined and established more often and HRM policy is more [...]

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