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Galan Group

Partner of Sensus Process Management - Caribbean

Galan Group – partner of Sensus Process Management


Address: Pareraweg 45, P.O. Box 3822, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 (9) 5217953




Galan Group’s solutions enable our clients to build their business strategies to achieve goals and solve their problems. Galan Group focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations through the elimination of variation, waste, and non-value added activities by offering the following services:

Improve processes


Process improvement

Improving core processes can lead to immediate improvements in process time and elimination of waste with direct benefits to the bottom-line. Our team will work with your organization to improve inefficient processes, eliminate continual rework and maximize capacities. We can provide your company with expert guidance, analysis, education, ongoing support and progress reviews to achieve your results.


Process management

We define a process as “a systematic series of actions directed to the achievement of a goal.” Managing and controlling key business processes directly affect an organization’s success.

Our Business Process Management services will help you map and analyze your organization’s current operational state, identify the practices and activities that make up each process.

We will then identify areas for improvement, and utilize the appropriate tools and techniques to attain higher quality levels.

Through our Business Process Management services, organizations were able to re-assess their current processes, making changes that eliminate unnecessary steps, improve customer satisfaction, build better relations with suppliers and partners, and most importantly, improve quality of business results.

Reduce costs


Cost reduction

Many companies today are faced with the increasing need to develop more effective approaches to cost reduction and structure. Factors including pricing pressures, changes in technology, mergers and consolidations, as well as barriers to market entry, make cost management an important issue.

Our consultants can facilitate positive cost reduction for organizations by performing planning, analysis, and solution development. Our staff will use Root Cause Corrective Action, quality control, or breakthrough methods such as Process Improvement or Lean to attain and sustain reductions in cost. We can help organizations reduce costs and expenses, positioning them for ongoing improvement and competitive advantage with on-site Cost of Poor Quality Studies.



We define the COPQ (Cost of poor quality) as the difference between those costs that would disappear if everything was done perfectly in a process, the first time and every time, versus the actual costs. Our approach outlined in this leaflet has the following significant benefits:

  • A tested and validated COPQ Assessment and design tools and methods that have been used successfully with other clients.
  • An adaptation of the methods used successfully by The Galan Group with other clients to achieve significant savings and performance improvements through re-engineering.

Galan Group Curacao
Galan Group

Who are we?

Galan Group is a management consultancy firm that stands for honest, personal and lasting consultancy relationships with its clients. Our role in this relationship is to encourage and confront our clients and act as their sounding board. We are able to quickly switch from long-term issues, which require a visionary and strategic approach, to current, day-to-day practices, and vice versa. After all, to us partnership means being able to assist our clients at any level necessary. Since our team consists of a small number of people with a vast range of expertise, we are flexible enough to respond to our clients’ needs both quickly and accurately.

Free BPM Newsletter series (in dutch)


“Accurately described processes are the basis for improvement. They give you clarity on how a process runs now and how you would like it to run. This project has got a lot of people across the organization very enthusiastic. Our people have really taken to improving processes, they now identify points for improvement themselves and get to work on them. But we have to make sure these improvements are embedded, so that they are continued.”

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Kim Moehamad

Business Process Manager, Kooyman BV

“We are an ISO certified organisation and Sensus’ BPM modeling software allows us to meet the new requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard even better. The way processes are defined in Sensus software also makes it easy for us to keep our processes up to date at all times.”

C. Alberto

Executive Director, Vidanova Pension Management

“The Sensus process modeling software has allowed us to make our ISO 9001 quality system processes even more transparent and accessible for our employees. A tremendous improvement!”

Rudsel Leito

Managing Director, Selibon B.V.

About Sensus Process Management

Galan Group is using the Sensus method in helping organizations with process- and improvement management issues. The Sensus method is a unique visual language developed by Sensus Process Management. The power lies in its communication through a uniform BPM methodology.  Anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to understand. This in turn enables people to share knowledge across their organisation and with other organisations, and to learn from each other. The business process management software, Sensus BPM Software, enables you to share acquired knowledge of business processes across the entire organization. Watch the video about Sensus Process Management.


Benefits of starting with Sensus Process Management


Quickly start your processmanagement project


Securely manage your processes in the cloud


Reliable partnership


Benefit from a subscription discount of 33% in the first year


For more information regarding our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact Robbert Kroon at the following phone number or email address:


Galan Group

Pareraweg 45, P.O. Box 3822, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 (9) 5217953


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