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Worldwide process management expertise

We feel that process management can only be successfully implemented if you understand and empathise with the local business culture. This is why Sensus Process management always seeks strategic partnerships with local parties for its international activities. Our partners have extensive knowledge of, and experience with local markets. With these partnerships we are able to offer an extensive range of services to customers worldwide. Become a partner!

Our partners

The Galan Group

The Galan Group

Its huge amount of knowledge and experience in the field of process management and process implementations at numerous leading companies and organisations make the Galan Group the ideal partner for Sensus-methode in the Caribbean. The partnership between the Galan Group and Sensus-methode will give institutions and businesses in Curaçao and on other Caribbean islands an excellent opportunity to introduce structural process implementation and innovation to their organisations.

Location: Curaçao
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Intelligent Processes

Intelligent Processes

With Intelligent Processes’ broad experience in the field of workflow management, combined with the process knowledge of Sensus-methode, we offer an ideal partnership for structural process implementation and innovation in organisations in the UK.

Location: United Kingdom



BPM Consulting et Training (BPMCYT) accompagne les entreprises au travers la mise en place, la modélisation, de l’optimisation et le suivi de leurs processus métiers, dans le but de créer un avantage concurrentiel à long terme.

Localisation : France
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