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Sensus Process Management is used by many different organisations, ranging from small care institutions to major business services providers. No matter how big or small, every organisation is faced with a changing market, is required to comply with legislation and regulations, and wants to provide their customers with the best possible services or products.

What our customers say

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The Sensus process modeling software has allowed us to make our ISO 9001 quality system processes even more transparent and accessible for our employees. A tremendous improvement!”

Rudsel Leito

Managing Director, Selibon B.V., Curaçao

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that specifies the requirements for a good environmental management system. “First of all, we looked at certification standards for the use of natural resources and energy, as well as waste streams.  We then started to make improvements; we now sort our waste differently, for example, and have significantly reduced the amount of energy. Our methods and processes have changed, but it’s easy to make adjustments with Sensus software.”

Daan van Eeuwijk

Quality Manager, Tieltjes Precision Parts B.V.

Fontijne Grotnes started to use process management with plenty of enthusiasm and a definite plan of action. They have clear objectives: to become a lean organisation and cut their failure costs. “The icons on the whiteboard are really user-friendly! This gives us a clearer picture of the process that we can base further discussions on,” says Project Leader Guido Hendriks.

Guido Hendriks

Project Leader, Fontijne Grotnes, The Netherlands

“Customer requirements are becoming higher and thorough process management is now a must. We wanted a tool that everyone can use and understand. Sensus BPM Software just makes modeling a process so simple and intuitive that anyone can do it,” said Johan, asked why Sensus BPM Software has the edge. Security and privacy requirements, flexibility and especially the ability to publish online, were some of the factors that convinced USG People to choose Sensus BPM Software.

Johan van der Burg

USG Professionals

“The AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is an important certificate in our industry. This certificate, which we were awarded in 2011, confirms that we meet a number of important safety and trade requirements, and are therefore audited by customs less often. This is on the condition that you have your processes in order and that you structurally improve your processes. That had all been taken care of in Sensus software.”

Jojan van Dokkum

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals

“A process can be described and presented to employees on the Intranet in no time using Sensus method process management software. Sensus BPM Software enables detailed documentation of any process. You decide what information is important, such as target groups, frequency, turnaround time, resources, customer satisfaction, risks and measures etc. You can subsequently generate interesting reports with that information.”

Bart Smets

City of Turnhout, Belgium

Multi-Standard Management System in Greece is using Sensus BPM Software to meet ISO standards. “I work as a freelancer consultant and help companies being certified according to ISO 9001, 27001, 22301, 20000 standards. Process Management is the core around which every certification endeavour takes place. So, the use of a well-organised and efficient application is a must”, tells Nikolaos Vasileiadis.

The objectives Nikolaos hope to achieve using Sensus BPM Software are twofold. “Mainly I want to automate and organise my deliverables. Having different sets of processes and frameworks depicted in Sensus BPM Software is time saving for me. Also, organising my own work using the Sensus approach could be very beneficial.” The benefits of Sensus BPM Software are clear in his opinion. “For example the ease of documentation, a catchy interface, efficient training approach and ease of maintenance. Undoubtedly I value the custom data fields of Sensus BPM Software the most.”

Nikolaos Vasileiadis

Senior Strategic Partner, Multi-Standard Management System, Greece

“I have discovered many interesting functions to Sensus BPM App. Hats off to you guys…. I find it is an easy programme to map out processes.”

Suzanne Kirouac

President, Kirouac Strategic Global Management, Canada

“We are an ISO certified organisation and Sensus’ BPM modeling software allows us to meet the new requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard even better. The way processes are defined in Sensus software also makes it easy for us to keep our processes up to date at all times.”

C. Alberto

Executive Director, Vidanova Pension Management, Curaçao

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