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Sensus BPM Personal

Model, share and improve your Business Processes

Modeling and improving processes | Sensus BPM Personal


Sensus software and products were developed with one thing in mind: simplicity.



Whatever the business process describes, everyone must be able to work with it. Whether you describe certain work methods, or want to map out tasks & responsibilities, Sensus BPM software will give your employees at-a-glance insight.

Sensus BPM Personal modeling processes

Seeing is understanding

Needless to say, the Sensus software will automatically visualise all processes in various ways.



  • Process flow report – full report with all the important information about the process.
  • Swim lanes – Shows how the process runs through the organisation.
  • Job descriptions – who is responsible for what?
  • Who does what? (And who doesn’t?)
  • A printout of tasks & jobs at the touch of a button.
  • Documents – shows which documents are important for which processes.

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ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that specifies the requirements for a good environmental management system. “First of all, we looked at certification standards for the use of natural resources and energy, as well as waste streams.  We then started to make improvements; we now sort our waste differently, for example, and have significantly reduced the amount of energy. Our methods and processes have changed, but it’s easy to make adjustments with Sensus software.”

Daan van Eeuwijk

Tieltjes Precision Parts B.V.

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Tell us what kind of BPM Modeler you are, and we will offer you the process management software that will enable you to start mapping your business processes. Software that fits in with your business operations.

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