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Discover the possibilities of Sensus BPM Online

Simple or complex: whatever the level of complexity of a process, everyone must be able to work with it. That is no trouble with Sensus BPM Online. Besides, our business process management software enables you to share acquired knowledge of business processes across the entire organisation.

Sensus BPM Designer Lite

Model, share and improve your Business Processes

Sensus BPM Cloud

Structure, Model and improve your Processes Together

Sensus BPM Ultimate

Powerful BPM Suite for large projects

Sensus BPM Cloud

Share, store and publish processes in the cloud
/On Request
  • Edit, Change and Improve processes together 
  • All Sensus BPM Personal features, plus:
  • Intranet Integration
  • Make custom web publications
  • Advanced secure hosting and publication
  • Add custom fields like KPIs or risks to processes
  • Link documents to Processes
  • Create organisational chart
  • Add application landscape to processes
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Automatic backup
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Sensus BPM Ultimate

Powerful BPM Suite for the enterprise
/On Request
  • Install and manage your private Sensus Server on Premise
  • All Sensus BPM Personal features, plus:
  • Create a Process Library
  • Index linked Documents
  • Create unlimited Sensus BPM projects
  • Secure Web Publication on company network
  • Advanced User management
  • Publish in the cloud or on-premise
  • Connect to other applications
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* All Sensus BPM software products require an annual contract.

Modeling and improving processes | Sensus BPM Designer Lite


Sensus BPM Online and products were developed with one thing in mind: simplicity.



Whatever the business process describes, everyone must be able to work with it. Whether you describe certain work methods, or want to map out tasks & responsibilities, Sensus BPM Online will give your employees at-a-glance insight.

Seeing is understanding

Needless to say, the Sensus software will automatically visualise all processes in various ways.



  • Process flow report – full report with all the important information about the process.
  • Swim lanes – Shows how the process runs through the organisation.
  • Job descriptions – who is responsible for what?
  • Who does what? (And who doesn’t?)
  • A printout of tasks & jobs at the touch of a button.
  • Documents – shows which documents are important for which processes.

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that specifies the requirements for a good environmental management system. “First of all, we looked at certification standards for the use of natural resources and energy, as well as waste streams.  We then started to make improvements; we now sort our waste differently, for example, and have significantly reduced the amount of energy. Our methods and processes have changed, but it’s easy to make adjustments with Sensus software.”

Daan van Eeuwijk

Tieltjes Precision Parts B.V.

Advanced BPM Features| Sensus BPM Cloud

Who does what, when and why?

Sensus BPM Online packs a host of possibilities and opportunities. It allows you to, for example, link competency management (i.e. getting the right person in the right job) to your job profiles and process management.



That makes it extremely easy to link responsibilities and people to the different processes. Whenever tasks and responsibilities within a process change, the corresponding job profiles will also change. Misunderstandings eliminated, clarity guaranteed.


Process Management without a target (or several targets, as the case may be) is merely a waste of time. Needless to say, what those targets are, will differ from one organisation to the next. It all depends on what you want to achieve, know, see, check, limit, show or improve. However, at the end of the day it is all about hitting those targets. The Sensus BPM solution is also a tool you can use to make your targets measurable.


All you have to do is specify your performance indicators (KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators) and the Sensus BPM Online will show you the results achieved. In short: to measure = to know. And knowledge equals profit!

A true all-rounder

Quality tools, improvement methodologies… All about improving the quality of products and services. In other words: to make them lean & mean. Th
e Sensus BPM Online makes things very easy for you when it comes to quality improvement.

Improvement methodologies

  • Lean
  • Six Sigma
  • EFQM
  • Balanced Scorecard


Publishing processes in the Cloud | Sensus BPM Cloud




Swimlanes Sensus BPM Software

Great transparency, little effort

Knowledge is precious in a professional organisation. It is therefore crucial to be able to spread and share knowledge across your organisation. One uniquely suited medium for doing just that is the Intranet.



Clear publications produced by the Sensus BPM Online give your employees insight into what is going on across the organisation, and help them feel and understand processes, enabling them to subsequently act accordingly. Sensus BPM Online offers you and your staff deep insight into your organisation, while requiring relatively little effort.

Process Publication Sensus BPM Software

Private pilot

A picture is often worth a thousand words. Sensus BPM Online also adheres to that principle.


The Visual Navigator – known as a private pilot – visually guides your employees through the described processes. Experience has shown time and again that the playfulness of the Personal Navigator boosts clarity and stirs creativity.

Process flow Sensus BPM Software

Process reporting and sharing

Merely describing processes will not get you very far. What you want is to share them with colleagues, to share activities you have described and  all responsibilities that have been laid down.


This will truly give your processes value, as they provide insight into operations across the entire organisation. Employees are no longer limited by the boundaries of their own department, but can look beyond those boundaries and see that they are an essential link in the organisational chain. Reporting through Sensus BPM Online is therefore the same as sharing. How exactly you want to handle that is up to you.

ICT department Sensus BPM Software

No need to trouble the ICT department

Sensus BPM Cloud lets you share all the processes you have modeled with users all over the world. You can model, manage and share your processes without having to trouble the ICT department. The cloud server we provide will either be in the Netherlands or Germany, so your data will be protected by European law.


Once you have purchased the software, you can start modeling, documenting and publishing your processes right away, without having to ask your ICT department to install software and set up servers first. What is more, you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or ICT environments. It couldn’t be any more efficient!

Document report Sensus BPM Software

Accessible any time, anywhere

Do you work on processes together with colleagues or external parties? Sensus BPM Cloud lets you access your processes at any time, wherever you are. Rights management gives you control over who can access the processes and which rights they have, therefore enabling you to securely share your processes.

Saving you time

All features are instantly available, which gives you more time to spend on improving your organisation.


Sensus BPM Cloud makes business-critical information easier to access.

“The AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is an important certificate in our industry. This certificate, which we were awarded in 2011, confirms that we meet a number of important safety and trade requirements, and are therefore audited by customs less often. This is on the condition that you have your processes in order and that you structurally improve your processes. That had all been taken care of in Sensus BPM software.”

Jojan van Dokkum

RST Shortteaminals

Powerful BPM Suite | Sensus BPM Ultimate

Centralised management

No matter what type of user you are, Sensus BPM Ultimate offers something for everyone.


Whether you work by yourself or with others, our software ensures you always work within clearly defined frameworks. It therefore makes sense for it to be possible for several people to work, individually or together, on one file. Here is how that works: you check one or several processes out from your server to work on it individually. As soon as you are done, you check the edited version back in on the same server. That means you only have to manage one file, instead of what can sometimes be an endless series of consecutively numbered Office documents.

‘Central nervous system’

Multinationals and organisations with multiple branches, but also companies that work with a complex system of suppliers and customers, often have intricate processes. It is therefore essential that these processes be coordinated and described in simple terms. If that is not done or is only done insufficiently, things are bound to go wrong somewhere at some point, and that can result in serious financial consequences.


The Sensus software acts as your ‘central nervous system’. This software makes describing, understanding and running your processes extremely easy. It still allows different sites or branches sufficient leeway within certain boundaries, with room and respect for their unique local situation and environment. We at Sensus respect both the exception and rule!

Safe self-management

Sensus BPM Server enables on-premise process modeling, publication and sharing across your organisation. The software is installed on the organisation’s own server, giving you full control over its management.

Safe self-management Sensus BPM Ultimate

An unlimited number of projects

Unlike the cloud server, Sensus BPM Server does not limit you to a maximum number of projects. Since you set up the server yourself, you can save, edit and publish an unlimited number of projects. This is useful if you have multiple projects under way, use sample projects or want to give users rights for specific projects only.

Unlimited projects Sensus BPM Ultimate

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