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Sensus OrgChart App

The Sensus OrgChart app is a useful tool that helps HR managers, project managers and other managers map (project) organisations. It has never been this easy to define and visualise organisation charts – complete with department names, positions, responsibilities, staff names and even staff photos. This latter feature is precisely what makes the Sensus OrgChart app so personal.

Eenvoudig en snel Organogrammen tekenen met Sensus OrgChart App

The world’s most personal Organisation Chart app!

Effortlessly visualise staff tasks and responsibilities in no time, and streamline your organisation or project. This app also lets you print or share your newly created organisation charts at the click of a button, making it easy to take changes in your organisation to a higher level.

Watch the Sensus OrgChart app quick tour video >>

“Upgrade your staff index and present your staff in an organisation chart”

The Sensus OrgChart app offers numerous state-of-the-art features

Bedrijfsprocessen in kaart brengen met Sensus BPM Modeler

The Sensus OrgChart app in a nutshell:

  • Define organisation charts
  • Visualise organisation charts
  • Present departments with names and photos
  • Automatic organisation chart optimisation
  • Export to various formats, including PDF
  • Powerful print features

And much more.

“Link responsibilities to the corresponding faces with great ease”

Try it out for yourself!

Download the Sensus OrgChart app and experience the power of our software! Choose your platform: