On this page, you will find testimonials from just a few of our customers. We believe in personally getting to know our customers. Only if we know what moves customers will we be able to offer the best solution. Also take a look at our page with detailed customer cases.


“We looked into our current process design practices and how we make processes visible and accessible for end users – easy to log in and click – as well as into how to optimise these processes, which user tooling we have available for that, which rights power users hold, and how easy it all is to reconfigure. Sensus process management’s comprehensive BPM solution dovetailed perfectly with this. Both for power users tasked with modeling the programme and for end users, Sensus’ BPM tool is extremely user-friendly.”

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Hoang Pham, BESIX Netherlands
“The consultant from Sensus process management has done a great job. Her role in the project is a supporting one, which sees her advise and assist the project team, delve deep into the organisation to get the right information to the surface, and make sure processes are consistent.”

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Bert Passchier, Alstom
“We chose Sensus BPM Online because it is an accessible programme that offers online publication options. This tool not only makes modeling extremely easy, it is also fully customisable to your own needs and your own organisation, and you can do it all yourself.”

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Miriam Kortekaas, Woonzorg Nederland